NCEA Level 2 Geography (sustainability)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. STOUT

Recommended Prior Learning

Should have gained at least 12 credits in 11ENG, 11GEO, 11HIS or similar.

Be physically fit 

Prepared to undertake practical field work 

Be able to work independently ie without teacher supervision 

Level 2 course builds on the knowledge and skills developed at Level 1.  The course revolves around the concept of sustainability.  To this end students are required to:

  • plant their own gardens and learn the skills required to produce a sustainable food supply 
  • camp overnight in the bush using natural resources for food and shelter
  • look at a range of alternative lifestyles to give students choices regarding their own future housing and accommodation 
  • to build and run their own beehive with a view to producing a honey crop 
  • plant trees at Lake Horowhenua 
  • learn to plant and prune fruit trees with a view to harvesting an olive crop for oil

Assessments revolve around field work as described below:

  • four days caving in Waitomo in a range of wild and tourist caves
  • an analysis of dirty dairying and balancing environmental and economic needs
  • water sampling the Horowhenua catchment to analyse sources of pollution and what we have to do to solve these issues 

The Geography course at Level 2 seeks to balance practical skills while maintaining a high academic standard. 

If you are a self-motivated student who likes the outdoors, is prepared to get their hands dirty, and likes to achieve to a high academic level - this may be the course for you.  

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NCEA Level 3 Geography

Geography leads to a range of vocations and academic pathways including a BSc, BA, B Environmental Studies,
Geography is an important part of the tourist industry and provides a useful knowledge of the world around us.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Contribution: $20
There is a 4 day optional caving trip to Waitomo which costs approximately $150.
Stationery Requirements: 1 x 2B8


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