NCEA Level 2 Biology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Robertson

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 11 Science; gaining 12 credits in NCEA Level 1 Science.

Biologists and students studying biology want to explain the nature of living things and to understand where and how life is evolving, how evolution links life processes and ecology, and the impact that humans have on all forms of life.

What will I do in Level 2 Biology? 

We will provide you with the knowledge, understanding, and skills that enable you to be ‘scientifically literate citizens. You will develop an understanding of how biological theories and ideas have evolved over time and as technology has improved. Practical investigations will provide you with opportunities to experience how scientists learn more about living organisms. 

What will I learn in Level 2 Biology? 

  1. learn about the diverse ways in which animals and plants carry out life processes 

  2. be able to explain how the interaction between ecological factors and natural selection leads to genetic change within populations

  3. carry out an investigation that includes developing your understanding of the relationship between the investigation and scientific theory 



Biology, Science


NCEA Level 3 Biology, NCEA Level 3 Science

Nature conservation officer
Forensic scientist
Government agency roles
Science writer

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Contribution: $20 (Science Pad)
Stationery Requirements: 2 x 2B8


Standards shown on courses are only an indication and not all may be offered at the time of study.