NCEA Level 1 Physical Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss K. Brown

Recommended Prior Learning

It is recommended that you have taken both "Make me better" and "Take me to the next level".

The Level One Physical Education course for 2021 is part of the National Pilot programme.

Four assessments will be undertaken, which include - 

1. Demonstrate movements in context.

2. Demonstrate understanding of strategies which promote kotahitanga in movement.

3. Explore the relationship between movement and hauora.

4. demonstrate influences on movement in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In doing these assessments, you will learn: Leadership and communication skills; Anatomy - knowledge of body structure and function; Bio mechanics; Motor skill learning; Physiology - short and long term effects of exercise; How physical activities influence well-being/participation; Demonstrate and describe qualities of movement in a physical activity; Develop interpersonal skills in groups.


Physical Education


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