Level 1 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs D. Northern

Year 11 English is compulsory for all students.

Career experts, employers and further education providers acknowledge that a strong foundation in English skills is absolutely necessary to achieve success, and to enable us to function in a world which relies on communication.  For this reason, English is compulsory at Level One, and recommended at Level Two. 

Studying English in senior school will teach you to analyse different types of writing and to write clearly in a range of styles. It will also encourage and support you to read outside your comfort zone, while expanding your language skills and range of vocabulary. 

The  Level One English courses are suitable for students who have completed Year 10 Literacy alongside a junior English Course.  You will study texts using skills of analysis that you have learned in Years 9 and 10 and develop your skills further to write about them.  You will also develop your own skills to write in a range of styles for a range of purposes as well as produce visual, and possibly verbal texts. Some of these pieces will be used for assessment and others form the basis of preparation for external exams. 

Every course will include a range of internal assessments, as well as external assessments. This range will be personalised where appropriate, to meet the interests and needs of individual students.   

Most students will easily complete at least 14 credits in internal assessments and be prepared for two of their choice of three, of the external exams.  External exams are each worth four credits.  This means the average student should complete 22 credits.  For more motivated students, more assessments are available..

The achievement standards attached to this course below are an indication of some of the internally and externally assessed standards you will be offered in your course. 

Successful completion of this Level One English course can lead on to a Level Two English course in 2023.

Stationery Requirements: 1 x 1B4, headphones/earphones

One 40 page clearfile or two 20 page clearfiles




NCEA Level 2 English, NCEA Level 2/3 English for Literacy Development

Career Pathways

Archivist, Librarian, Library Assistant, Film and Video Editor, Author, Journalist, Communications Professional, Technical Writer, Radio Presenter, Photographer, Television Presenter, Diversional Therapist, Community Development Worker, Case Manager, Baker, Counsellor, Trainer, Interpreter, Musician, Driving Instructor, Early Childhood Teacher, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Primary School Teacher, Kaiwhakaako Māori, Translator, Nanny/Child Carer, Tertiary Lecturer, Private Teacher/Tutor, Recreation Co-ordinator, Youth Worker, Secondary School Teacher, Teacher Aide, Editor, Demonstrator, Economist, Hairdresser/Barber, Market Research Analyst, Survey Interviewer, Policy Analyst, Telemarketer, Marketing Specialist, Data Analyst