Social Sciences - Mapping Madness – A Guide to Navigating Your World - A

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. GILL

Critical Thinking

You will learn practical skills that allow you to further your knowledge about your world, and to navigate your way. These skills will include learning about: compass direction, grid references, longitude and latitude. You will read a variety of maps including topographic, weather and relief maps. You will know what land features are and how they may have been created. There will be a considerable practical component in this course which will include sketching, modelling with sand, clay or papier mache, 3D computer modelling; map and compass work leading to completing an orienteering course; GPS activities leading to Geocaching; ‘CIA-type’ forensic analysis of photographs; field trips to Massey and other locations for practical mapping and orienteering and geocaching opportunities. You will be using the skills you learn! 


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