Languages - Let’s go to Japan 2! - A

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. STOUT

Community & Society

This course further develops the learning that was started in Year 9. The course focuses on the language skills that enable students to communicate in Japan with their host family as well as to confidently navigate their way while in Japan; eating, sight-seeing and using public transport. In addition the course gives them the language skills to confidently undertake the Level 1 NCEA examination in 2021. The course further enhances students’ knowledge of Japanese culture through the elective programme, with students following their own interests in Japanese music, dance, art, sport and so on. To further progress the practical application of the course we will expose students to ways to live and work in Japan after secondary school. Similar to the first Let’s Go To Japan course, the emphasis will be language learning through fun; the motivation to succeed coming from the students’ knowledge that they will be using the language in an authentic situation while in Japan.