Social Sciences - Leadership in Action - B

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. GILL

Identify skills involved in leadership and learn about well known leaders, before using technology to undertake a leadership role.

 In this course you are challenged to take up a role in a leadership opportunity (whether becoming a leader or just providing support to one). You will take part in a very “realistic” mock election. How are you going to convince the voting public that your team will create a better world to live in?

Also included in this course will be a reflection on what leadership is, what makes a good leader and what effect leadership has on others. This is followed by three case studies on contrasting types of government - New Zealand democracy, Nazi Germany and the rise of communism. It will involve field trips to watch real leadership in action.

We also look at the role the media plays in society. We look at the concept of fake news and how some people are influenced by it. Students are then encouraged to use technology to create their own media story.