NCEA Level 3 Physics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. SULLIVAN

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 12 Physics and Mathematics achieving 12 or more credits in both.  It would also be advisable that Year 13 Physics students also take a Year 13 Mathematics course (either 13MAC or 13MAS or both).

Physics is the study of the nature and properties of matter, forces, and energy. From the smallest sub-atomic particle to the infinite universe. You will learn aspects of it all. 

Topics taught in Year 13 include wave systems and modern physics (quantum physics), mechanical and electrical systems. More importantly, you will be developing lifelong skills in problem-solving and critical thinking. 

Physics is often described as applied mathematics, you will see how the algebra and number skills you learn have a real-world application through formulae and relationships. 

A key part of your learning will be report-based, researching and critiquing evidence, and communicating your understanding of socio-scientific issues. 


Physics, Science

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Contribution: $20 (Book) and approximately $150 for a field trip to Rainbows End.
Stationery Requirements: Graph paper, 2 x 1B5, 1 x 2B8


Standards shown on courses are only an indication and not all may be offered at the time of study.