NCEA Level 3 Mathematics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Newson

Recommended Prior Learning

15 credits from Level 2 Mathematics.  You must also have passed AS 2.9 and AS 2.8 in 12MATP or have merit passes in 91035 Multivariate Statistics and 91036 Bivariate Statistics from Level 1 Mathematics. If you have not met these standards, you will need the support of your Level 2 teacher before selecting this course. 

You will learn a range of topics suited to students who wish to build on material covered in Level 2 Mathematics or Mathematics Advanced.  This course provides a foundation in Mathematics for students who intend to go on to tertiary study. Two of the statistics achievement standards offered in this course have a strong focus on research and writing.

Students selecting this course need to be committed to working with determination all year. 

UE Mathematics can be achieved in this class via internally assessed standards. This course does not offer any externally assessed standards.  



Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Contribution:
Stationery Requirements: 2 x 1E5 or 1J5, Scientific calculator.


Standards shown on courses are only an indication and not all may be offered at the time of study.