NCEA Level 3 Geography

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. GILL

Recommended Prior Learning

This is an open entry course however Year 11 and/or Year 12 Geography could be useful.  At the very least 12 literacy based credits are preferred.  

You will need to be able to apply your learning to new situations in order to understand the impact of Geographic issues on the environment, the economy and socially.  

An interest in the wonderful physical and cultural world around you is desirable.  if not - then this may not be the subject for you.  

Level 3 Geography has two distinct aspects: external examination topics and Internal assessment.  Successful completion of all internal assessment opportunities will satisfy the University Entrance requirements of 14 credits in an approved subject.  

The external examination components relate to natural processes in the in the Tongariro National Park with a focus on volcanism and tectonic plate movements.  You will learn about the impact of tectonic movement in the area and how the features produced interact with climate, vegetation and denudation processes to create a distinctive landscape.  There is a possible field trip to the Park.  

A second external examination topic is focused on tourism development in Rotorua.  You will learn why and how Rotorua grew to be a premium destination for thousands of tourists  from both international and domestic markets.  

Internal assessment topics will be developed from student interest in global issues.  These are generally research based topics.  Topics previously investigated have been:  ocean plastics,  changing weather patterns,  COVID 19,  human trafficking,   pressure on NZ's Great Walks... 



Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Contribution: $20
Optional field trips are offered at a cost of approximately $350.
Stationery Requirements: 1 x 2B8


Standards shown on courses are only an indication and not all may be offered at the time of study.