NCEA Level 3 Chemistry

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs R. Blair

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 12 Chemistry; gaining 12 credits at Level 2 Chemistry.

This course is designed to give a broad understanding of the principles and concepts of Chemistry.   Chemistry is a science that helps us to describe and explain our world.  

This course aims to prepare you for future studies in Chemistry or meet the requirements for entry to other tertiary courses. 

What will I do in Level 3 Chemistry? 

Level 3 Chemistry builds on many of the concepts learned in Level 2 Chemistry.

 You will continue to develop practical skills, linking observation with chemical species and explaining the observations.

What will I learn in Level 3 Chemistry? 

The content focus of Level 3 Chemistry is

  1. Comparing electrolysis and electrochemical cells. 

  2. Explaining Periodic trends and intermolecular forces.

  3. Understanding how the functional groups of organic molecules determine their reactivity. 

  4. Using spectroscopic data to identify organic molecules 

  5. Applying equilibrium principles to solubility and acid and base behaviour. 

The standards offered in Year 13 aim to provide skills and content knowledge to allow students to pursue a variety of courses in the future. There will be some optional standards and students will be required to make their choices at different times during the year.


Chemistry, Science

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Stationery Requirements: 2 x 1B4, highlighter, Scientific calculator.


Standards shown on courses are only an indication and not all may be offered at the time of study.