NCEA Level 1 Mathematics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs C. Newson

Year 11 Mathematics is compulsory for all students.

We offer 2 different courses and will work with you to select the course that best meets your learning needs for 2022.  The majority of students will take Year 11 Mathematics as their course in 2022. A small number of students will enrolled into 11 Mathematics Foundation.  If you have any concerns about your class please contact Mrs Newson via email. 

Year 11 Mathematics  This course is suited to a large number of students who have completed Year 10 Numeracy, alongside a junior Mathematics Course.  You will learn a range of topics that will provide credits towards NCEA numeracy at lead to either Level 2 Mathematics Advanced or Level 2 Mathematics. This course does have an external exam and all students will work with the intention of entering at least one of the two standards offered here. There is also the opportunity to complete additional internally assessed standards later in the year for those students who require further credits. 

8 Credits External (2 standards)  (Tables, Graphs and Equations, and Chance and Data)

12 Credits Internal (4 standards)  (Bivariate Data, Trigonometry, Geometric Representations, and Linear Algebra)

Career Pathways: Health sector, finance and property, science, engineering, education, social sciences, business, media, animal care, government, law, hospitality, tourism, recreation, retail and personal services, arts, media, animal care, safety, farming, fishing, and forestry. 

Year 11 Mathematics Foundation: This course is designed to provide a pathway for students who need more time to achieve the NCEA Numeracy requirements. Students will complete a variety of learning with a strong emphasis on basic number calculations, measurement, and statistical calculations and interpretations. The achievement standards are taught at a slightly slower pace and students are given lots of practical opportunities to understand their learning.  This course is suited to students who have found Year 10 Numeracy and/or their Mathematics course(s) very challenging.  For most students it will is not likely lead to a Year 12 Mathematics course. 

Internal: up to 6 standards (18 credits)

The achievement standards attached to this course below are an indication of some of the internally assessed standards you could be offered in your course. 

The two externally assessed standards are for the students who take Mathematics.




NCEA Level 2 Mathematics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Contribution: nil
Stationery Requirements: 2 x 1E5 or 1J5, ruler.
Students who take Mathematics will be using a graphical calculator, this is recommended for students who know they will be studying Advanced Mathematics in Year 12 .
Students who take Mathematics Foundation will use a scientific calculator.


Standards shown on courses are only an indication and not all may be offered at the time of study.