English - Survival of the Fittest - A

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. PETERS

Critical Thinking

In this English course we will explore what it will take to survive and adapt when the world that you live in suddenly changes because of a catastrophic event. This could include apocalyptic events such as: environmental or man-made disasters, a pandemic, or a zombie plague! Through this process you will apply this to: 

  • Exploring a range of  Apocalyptic / Post-Apocalyptic literature that presents key themes in this genre. You will be encouraged to develop and create your own ideas in a range of tasks to encourage deeper understanding of yourselves and the world around you.
  • Learning to analyse a range of  films and techniques that the director uses to convey key ideas of this genre.
  • Collaborating with others to develop a script, storyboard and film trailer/short film.
  • Collaborating with other students and planning an inquiry into possible end of world scenarios, presenting your findings on possible plausible scenarios of what could end the world and how could people survive this.


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