Languages - Let’s go to Japan! - LETGOJAP

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. STOUT

Community & Society

"Lets go to Japan" is a course that prepares students for a three week trip to Japan. The course concentrates on giving the students the ability to comfortably navigate themselves around Japan; shopping, ordering their own food, using public transport and so on. The course will also allow students to communicate with their Japanese host family in a meaningful way. Integrated into the course will be teaching around Japanese culture to allow them to begin to understand the mindset of Japanese people and their society. No previous language experience necessary - just the desire to be exposed to a vibrant and exciting culture! The focus is on learning through fun. The course uses games and interactive activities like taiko drumming, drawing anime and dance to promote the understanding of all things Japanese. There is also a focus on independent self-motivated learning through interactive computer programmes. 


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