The Arts - Contemporary Dance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs B. Davies

Creativity & Innovation

You will learn the fundamental skills of contemporary dancing and create contemporary dances of your own. You will also have the opportunity to test out your skills in a practical contemporary dance exam. You will have the opportunity to work with the Junior and Senior contemporary dance group to create dances that can be taken to competition and performed publicly at events. 

Course Overview

Term 1
- Begin learning Contemporary exercises from the Dance NZ Made Contemporary syllabus.
- Gain an understanding of the origins of Contemporary Dance.
- Begin to explore your ability to create dance and choreograph dances.

Term 2
- Polish our performances of the Dance NZ Made Contemporary exercises ready for assessment.
- Present a research project showing your understanding of the origins of Contemporary Dance.
- Choreograph a dance to perform in the end of Term 2 Dance presentation show.

Recommended Prior Learning

No prior learning required, just a willingness to learn a new skill.



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